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How to use our free data entry test

If you need to see what your data entry speed and accuracy is then you can simply take our free data entry test above by simply starting to type in the box above or clicking on the green"start typing test" button.

You can either fix the erros as you go or what is recommended is to come back and fix the errors after you've already typed it all but before you end the typing test.

Of course if you just want to measuer your raw data entry speed they you should type as fast and as accuratly as you can and then click end without going back over your work and fixing the errors.

As you start typing above the words per minute (WPM) are calculated in real time at the top left corner. Any erros you make are also calculated once you click the red "end typing test" button.

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The home row keys and where your hands should rest.

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Learn more about typing here at wikipedia